Wednesday, 17 January 2007

iPhoto keyword export/import utilities 1.1.0 released

I've just made a new release of my iPhoto IPTC keyword export/import utilities. The main feature update for this release is that it now exports keywords to both the original and modified copies of an image. Head on over and try it out.

I already have plans for the next release to add the export/import of IPTC title and caption as iPhoto title and comment as well as allowing the user to select which of these fields they want to export/import.


Bas said...

Hello Matthew,

I find you're iPhoto keyword script pretty usefull, especially in combination with geotagger and Caption buddy. I understand that you are planning an upgrade making caption buddy unnecessary.
While you are considering this upgrade, could it be possible that the date can be added to the IPTC data as well.
Right now I'm scanning lots of old and ancient photo's with an epson perfection 4990. Once imported in iPhoto there is no date other than the date I scanned the Photo. This is not he date that matches with the photo itself so in iPhoto I change the date. This date however I would like to see in the IPTC tags. This would make you're utility very usefull for me. I'm afraid that iPhoto could mess up with it's own xml data file so that I lose all the work it cost me to tag the photo's. Using your utility inserts all these data in the jpeg itself and that gives a better feeling.

Thank you for your nice work, hope to hear from you soon.

matthew said...

Hi bas,

I've added your request to the ticket I have open already at #2

Keep an eye out here for any news.



Bas said...

Hi Matthew,

I don't want to push you in any way but I was wondering if there is any progress in adding the datefield.

Anonymous said...
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